Monday 30 June 2014

NKD Training 29.06.2014

The first session run by NKD Training last night was a great success with 18 attendees in the Gym Clinic.  Our trainer, Paul, guided us through a pretty intense body pump excercise session.  Starting with a warm up, then splitting into 2 groups, one on cardio machines and the other doing squats and shoulder presses with dumbbells, before changing over.  When I felt I could hardly go on, we moved on to the circuits section, being split into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. 

The whole experience was amazing.  Under Paul's upbeat guidance, I worked much harder and pushed myself far beyond the point where I would normally give up.  The fact that we were doing all this naked, was entirely liberating and natural.  There was no time to stop and contemplate this, since we were all there to work hard and sweat!  I wasn't at all strange, or odd, or awkward.  Just a feeling of complete euphoria, pushing your body beyond its normal range.

The instruction was clear, concise and inclusive, for people of all abilities.  I am by no means a fitness freak and would not normally hunt down a body pump class, but sometimes you step out of your comfort zone and find something new that is unexpectedly amazing. 

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