Sunday 6 July 2014

A Dalston Pop-up

This Youtube video from Little Red Hen is a spoof report of the opening of a naturist pop-up café.  It mocks naturism in that all-too-familiar way.  Ha ha, a naturist.  The joke is on us.

So here's the really funny thing.  I felt that I should be offended, but actually I laughed along, and then I thought, what a brilliant idea!  A naturist café is exactly what this city needs.  And we know that there would be no lack of customers.  We believe that there are 500,000 self-defined naturists in the capital alone, equivalent to a city the size of Manchester.  Imagine there wasn't a single place to get a cup of tea in Manchester, and then someone opened up a café.  It might just be successful.

One final word to the script writer.  If you do ever find yourself in a naturist pop-up café, and think you might be in danger of spilling hot tea on your lap, order the ice cold frappaccino, or something with a straw.

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