Thursday 3 July 2014

Why does Naturist London exist?

We are a community of volunteers who promote and organise social naturist activities in London, supported and assisted by British Naturism. We believe in the benefits to mind and body that social naturism can bring and welcome the participation of all regardless of age, sex, sexuality, race, religion or disability.

Why does Naturist London exist?
Because we live in the largest city in Europe with a population of 8.3M people, yet there are very few facilities for naturists.  A British Naturism survey in 2011 found that 6% of UK respondents would define themselves as "naturist".  That means there could be 500,000 naturists within London.  The same survey found that 22% had swum naked at some point, which equates to  £1.8M skinny dipping Londoners.

Our aims are practical.  We want to provide and support events so that London's sizeable naturist population can meet up and practice social naturism in a friendly environment.   the swim has been much more successful than we might have hoped, and using this success we have helped to provide assistance and promotion to others who wish to set up events or classes.  

We are not a campaign group, we don't evangelise, we don't need to convert anyone who doesn't want to be converted.  We believe that if we can find venues for social naturism, we will always be able to attract enough people to fill them. 

Why don't you have a gender quota at the swim like many established clubs do?
Because gender quotas are inherently discriminatory and have no place in the values of contemporary society. 

Why don't you have a membership system and vet new participants?
Why should we have any interest in keeping a database of personal details?  We work on the basis of trust.  We make it clear that our events are non-sexual and our punters understand that.  There is a fear in some quarters that any new person, when stripped of clothing, becomes a risk.  What nonsense.  If we provide the context, people respond to that and behave appropriately.  


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