Thursday 3 July 2014

Proper Naturism

A question which consumes a good many column inches is what is or should be the true definition of naturism.

It is terribly important to some people that the right sort are encouraged and courted whilst the wrong sort are shunned and excluded. There is great anxiety that “proper” naturism will be brought into disrepute otherwise.

For example, some folk are greatly exercised by whether or not those people who join the World Naked Bike Ride can be considered genuine naturists. This is very strange because, as far as I know, no-one ever asks whether or not those same people are genuine cyclists.

If someone riding a bike is, by definition and whatever else they may also be, a cyclist, why is it not also the case, that someone who has chosen to be naked in a social but non-sexual context is self-evidently, at that moment at least, a naturist?

Who is welcome at our naked swim? Anyone who just wants to swim naked, be they a proper naturist or not.

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